Special Promotion: Trial Membership

Even more discounts on AAC devices!

MD A.T. Cooperative is pleased to announce a 7% discount
on all AAC devices from Enkidu Research.

Please Note: Discount applies ONLY to devices and NOT to accessories.

For ordering information, contact: [email protected] [email protected]

Enkidu Research’s Portable IMPACT is an exciting new family of devices for augmentative communication that utilizes dynamic displays and synthesized speech. Portable IMPACT supports direct and scanning selection, powerful word prediction, abbreviation expansion, symbol support, and more! All in a package smaller than a videocassette. Portable IMPACT comes in three varieties: a “Palmtop” version with no keyboard that can easily be held in one hand, a “Handheld” version with a keyboard that folds shut, and a “Tablet” version with a large touchscreen. All versions offer the same flexible AAC software.

To rent an evaluation unit call 1-800-297-9570. See their website http://www.Enkidu.net for full details about the products.

Watch for new winter specials soon!

Special Promotion: Trial Membership

In order to give non-members a chance to sample some savings during this busy buying season, the MD A.T. Co-op is offering “half the normal savings” to nonmembers

Simply put, if a product retails for $400 but Co-op members get it for $200, as a non-member during “Save-As-You-Go” weeks you would pay $300 (half the normal savings) when ordering directly through the Co-op. Similarly, if a product costs $300, but Co-op members get it for $200, as a nonmember during “Save-As-You-Go” weeks you would pay $250—saving half as much as Co-op members during this limited time.

Should your “Save-As-You-Go” savings reach $1000, you automatically become a Co-op member —and would qualify for full savings on additional purchases and training!

Why Pay Full Price???

Cooperative Buying Makes Sense For more details or no-obligation price quotes, call Susan at 410-792-9901 or 410-554-9244.