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Selecting the Right Business Security Provider


The stakes are significant when it comes to business security. A single breach can have plenty of effect on a business, resulting in financial and reputational damage. The majority of companies have placed a significant focus on systems security with hacking being a considerable challenge in the tech world. However, business security is essential, and Custom Screens is a renowned security vendor specialist offering an array of security products. The products are such as security screens, security doors, roller shutters and window tinting.

The hard fact is that business security is something we cannot afford to get wrong, and the right security vendor can make all the difference in ensuring the safety of your business. However, with so many players in the market place and an array of security offerings, it is a tough call to make. The following are tips to keep in mind while choosing a security service vendor:


It is the first factor that you candoor determine with mini ‘Request for Proposals’ (RFP) to a list of vendors outlining your crucial security requirements and budget criteria. It will help if you create a shortlist based on the responses and follow-up with a detailed RFP and ensure that all your needs are addressed accordingly before finalizing the vendor.

Range of Services

The provider’s ability to provide an in-depth breadth of products and services that cater to the security needs across various organizations is a critical consideration in selecting one for your business. These can range from specific services like security doors, security screens and window tinting.

Vendor Neutrality

The security vendor should provide a broad spectrum of best-in-breed security products, services and technologies from various security service providers. It translates to making decisions that best support your infrastructure and security requirements, rather than just selling you more products.


Vendors accessing the firm’s network must be required to sign contracts and other such agreements that ensure compliance with business security policies. The Statement of Work protects both the customer and the vendor while also mandating the latter’s responsibility and accountability for security delivery.

Longevity and Financial Viability

It is best if you select a vendor wisely,windows especially one that has years of service experience. It can be a tempting offer to go to a new startup with promising products and technologies, but in the long run, it is better to entrust your sensitive data to a vendor with a proven track record of offering quality enterprise security solutions to a range of companies across.