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How to Tell When Your Furnace Is Malfunctioning

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While it is still autumn season and the weather has not turned to freezing temperature yet, you should let your heating devices be inspected by a professional. To be assured that all components are inspected and that every defect is repaired, you should always look for a licensed Mississauga heating repairs company. Indeed, repairing heating devices that broke down is a necessity before the cold season comes, or else you will have your worst days ahead.

Before a furnace breaks down completely, you must have noticed signs that signify that your equipment is malfunctioning. The following are the most common furnace issues that may point to something more pressing problems that can soon result in a damaged furnace or to something more dangerous scenario.


Fuel-Like Smell

Undoubtedly, when you smell fuel in your house, it may be normal to panic. Everyone who smells fuel fear of an explosion, and that is not impossible to happen when there is a leaking furnace. While leaks may not always lead to an explosion, it can have some severe health implications. You can have carbon monoxide poisoning for all you know, which can make you unconscious.

Persistent Noise

You can truly get irritable when your furnace produces continuous disturbing sounds. While furnaces produce some sounds, a persistent loud and squealing noise signifies that there must be a problem with your heating device. The noise is usually caused by the fan or belt or some loose components.

Poor Air Quality

When you notice dirt and ash flying in the air, there must be something wrong with your furnace. Soon, some of the members will be having some respiratory conditions if this goes unattended. Cough, colds, and sinusitis may become more prevalent.

When changing the filter does not solve the problem, the issue may just be on the ductwork, which requires some professional intervention.

Inadequate Heat

We installed the furnace to keep us warm during the cold season, but when it suddenly stops working, you can suspect that there must be something that has gone terribly wrong. You should call for professional help to repair the thermostat. When heat coming from the furnace is insufficient, there may be leaks in the ductwork.

candleYellow Pilot Light

The pilot light provides the flame that lights the gas coming out from the gas burner. The standard color of the flame is blue. When you notice that the flame is yellow, there must be ventilation problems. This should call for immediate repair because of the carbon monoxide coming out from it, which can cause some health issues. You should always check the carbon monoxide detector if it is working, or you may not know that the harmful gas is all around your house already. Open your window until it is repaired by an HVAC professional.